HONOLULU (KHON2) — A storm on the night of Dec. 15 had residents up due to thunder and lightning.

Some residents enjoyed it. Ben Gilbert, who lives in Waipahu, said “I was so excited, because I was like, oh, you know, thunderstorms are so rare here. you know, especially big ones, that I was like, oh, this is exciting. It’s gonna be a good night because I feel like the thunderstorms really cleanse the negative energy in the space.”

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Hawaiian Electric said about 6,500 customers experienced a power outage in Kalihi and is “closely monitoring conditions and adjusting staffing to prepare for any weather-related outages.”

The National Weather Service said the thunderstorm was more offshore and touched the west side of Oahu, but this next storm will be a bit bigger. Liam Tsamous, National Weather Service Meteorologist, said “this new cold front is going to be pretty strong. It’ll be coming through on Monday, but the effects of this will probably be felt from Sunday evening through Monday.”

They said this next storm may have scattered thunderstorms but that is not their main concern.

“The main threat is the wind, the southwesterly winds, particularly on the downslope locations of the higher terrain. So, for example, like the North Shore, the windward side of Oahu or, like, Hilo, anywhere where you are downslope or downwind of the higher terrain because those are gonna have some really strong gusts with those winds coming out of the southwest.”

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The National Weather Service wants to remind people to keep checking in for updates as the storm can change at any moment.