It takes years for people to start their own fundraising business, but for an 11-year-old girl from Hawaii Kai with a passion for saving animals, nothing is going to stop her from doing what she can to save elephants from extinction. 

Tea Megill started her business Elephant.Ade with a goal to raise money to save elephants from extinction.

“My goal is $1 million for the elephants and that they could be saved too,” said Tea Megill, Elephant.Ade Creator.

Her mother says Tea first got the idea when they visited the Honolulu zoo last summer. One of the workers told them that elephants could be extinct by 2025.

“She was really taken back by it for the rest of our time here,” said Sejal Megill, Tea’s mother. “She wouldn’t stop talking about it and she just kept coming up with ideas like what can we do?”

Tea opened a lemonade stand to raise money. Then last November, she worked out a deal with the Honolulu zoo to bring her stand right in front of the Elephant Habitat exhibit. 

She began selling elephant bracelets and totes and created the Elephant.Ade website to sell her goods worldwide. 

“I’ll start walking down that path or this path and I’ll start giving them brochures and talking to them about what’s going on with the elephants and then if they decide to come up, then we just explain what we’re selling and stuff,” said Tea Megill. 

So far Tea has raised about ten-thousand dollars from sales. A few weeks ago, she sent her first check of 5-thousand dollars to the Elephant Crisis Fund.
“It felt exciting and stuff because it was the first check that we sent to save the elephants,” said Megill.