HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some refer to it as Manoa’s hidden gem. Waioli Kitchen is celebrating 100 years of helping serve the community.

Stefanie Anderson, part owner said, “In 1922, they had an orphanage up here and they used this restaurant to train the girls to make pies and jams and gems. That was the original mission.”

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Today they help recovering drug addicts and men and women just out of prison, the opportunity to get back on track and change their life.

Dida Baza is the baker for Waioli Kitchen. She said it’s “because we’re all working towards the same goal, it makes it easier for us to go about our day. It doesn’t matter how many times we fail. It matters that we keep trying is a boss keeps saying.”

Natashia Day is a food runner for Waioli kitchen and talked about the opportunities she has had since working at the kitchen. “I got a home now, I never had that before. I have a job here. They talk to me about me even managing and that’s never happened to me before. Yeah, so, and my family, me and my family are super closer now,” said Day.

Owners Ross and Stefanie Anderson said it’s because of community support that they’re able to stay open and want to thank them.

“There’s so many places for tourists, yeah? But we really wanted to keep this a place for the Manoa community and like just the greater community in general to have their place,” said Stefanie.

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A frequent guest, Phyllis Engsdro, said she brings everyone who visits the island to Waioli to experience the “caring atmosphere here,” and thinks the mission is “so special and we like to support that a lot.”