1 lamb shot, five others stolen from North Shore ranch

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Five lambs were stolen and another was shot in the head at a North Shore ranch Friday afternoon.

The Correa family has been running the Double D Farm and Ranch in Haleiwa for decades.

They were stunned someone, or a group of people, broke through their fence, shot one of their lambs, and took off with five others.

The family was running errands for a few hours on Friday. Nicole Correa had no idea anything had happened when she came back to the ranch around 4:45 p.m. 

“The first thing we noticed was the sheep with the bullet wound to her face,” she said. “She came down for dinner and had blood streaming down her face.”

“When we were looking for our other sheep who normally come down for dinner and they were missing, we knew something had to have gone wrong.”

They checked the fence line and saw whoever had broken in had cut through the wire fence next to the main gate.

“We were checking fence lines and found this small chain-link gate was opened and we initially thought these might be tire marks and we realized they are probably drag marks from dragging the animals onto the main highway where they cut the fence,” Correa said.

The thief or thieves took off with five of their sheep. One is a male, four are female. They are all white.

The family is even more shocked that it happened in broad daylight off of Kamehameha Highway, which is typically busy with traffic, between 1 and 4:45 p.m.

“It was scary to know someone came onto the farm in the middle of the day with a gun and just stole sheep and shot a lamb,” said Jasmine Lefever, a friend of the Correa’s. “It’s just scary to know that happens in the community here.”

Honolulu police were on the scene Saturday morning looking for surveillance video.

“[Police] did say she was shot directly in the face, and it was a clear shot,” Correa said.

She said police told her the suspect or suspects probably used a .22.

“So they were bold enough to come here in the day time and not only take animals but also have weapons,” Correa said.  

The Correa’s are asking anyone to speak up if they saw anything between 1 and 4:45 p.m. near their farm on Kamehameha Highway.

“Most of our animals are rescues and these guys they’re just babies, they like hugs, they want you to pet them, they wag their tails when you scratch their butts, just please bring them home,” Correa said.

The family says no questions will be asked if the suspect or suspects return the lambs.

The family can be reached at doubledfarmandranch@gmail.com .

HPD is investigating this as animal cruelty in the first degree which is a felony.  

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