Living808 surprises first Mother's Day Contest Winner

The first winner of Honolulu Cookie Company's Ultimate Mother's Day contest is Teri Yamashige. Teri was nominated by her 'hanai' daughter, Lindsey Chambers. Here are some of the nice things Lindsey said about Teri:

"I met Teri when I was looking for a new job. She took me on as an intern, and even though I moved on to a different career, we kept in touch. She has no reason to show such generosity or love to me, but she has taken me in as her own (my daughter even calls her Grandma).

Teri has been there for me through my wedding day, birth of my daughter, graduation and other milestones. While we aren't blood related and I'm not legally her daughter, we have a strong mother/daughter bond that has filled the huge void left by losing two moms."

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