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HONOLULU (KHON2) - Eggs N’ Things joins us in Hawaii’s Kitchen at ChefZone to cook up two popular dishes, one from the breakfast menu at the Ala Moana location and the other a lunch menu item.

We start with the Morning Wrap Breakfast Burrito.  

Morning Wrap Breakfast Burrito Recipe:
•    (1) Flower tortilla                                
•    6oz whipped eggs                                           
•    3oz breakfast meat (bacon, ham, or Portuguese) 
•    3oz potatoes                                       
•    3oz cheese                                          
•    2oz green onions                                 
•    2oz salsa sauce                                   
Optional add-ons:
•    2oz Jalapenos                                
•    2oz guacamole                             
•    2oz sour cream

1.    Cook meat in small pan
2.    Ladle 6oz whipped eggs to small pan
3.    Add green onions
4.    Add cheese
5.    Add potatoes
6.    Place minced meat on tortilla (close to bottom and middle)
7.    Fold in side of tortilla
8.    Roll ends into burrito
9.    Place burrito on flat top and press for 2mins each side
10.    Remove burrito and cut on bias stack and plate on oval
11.    Optional garnishes guacamole, sour cream, Jalapenos

South of the Border Taco Burger Recipe:
•    6oz hamburger                                   
•    (1) Onion bun                                      
•    2oz sour cream                                   
•    2oz salsa                                             
•    1oz white onions
•    1oz spring mix
•    1 Sliced Tomato                                  
•    1 slice cheddar cheese                        
•    1 tbl spoon taco seasoning                 
Optional Add on
•    2oz jalapenos                                
•    2oz guacamole                             

1.    Dust burger with taco mix (both sides)
2.    Cook on flat top hamburger
3.    Toast hamburger bun on flat top (use butter alternative)
4.    Sautéed onions on flat top (optional jalapenos)
5.    After flip on burger add 2oz salsa
6.    Add cheese over salsa let melt
7.    On oval plate apply sour cream to top of bun
8.    On heel of bun apply guacamole (optional)
9.    Add 1oz spring mix & tomato on sour cream

Open from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.  

Serving breakfast all day along with other great island comfort food.

Established in 1974, there are 4 locations on O’ahu.  

2 in Waikiki, 1 in Ala Moana, and the newest location at Ko’olina.  

There is also a restaurant in Guam that opened 4 years ago.

Website: https://eggsnthings.com


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