Honolulu (KHON2) – Zerorez Hawaii offers cleaning solutions to help clean carpets, so Hawaii residents don’t get sick.

The cold and flu season opens opportunities for Hawaii residents to get sick. Zerorez Hawaii provides ZrWater to help clean any unwanted bacteria in carpets. 

“Carpets and rugs are the surfaces that help us stay healthier by trapping dirt and germs out of the breathing zone. But in order to keep it from being a haven of germs you need to vacuum often and have it professionally cleaned. Only Zerorez cleans home surfaces with ZrWater that doesn’t leave the chemical residues. No residue means it stays cleaner longer and your home is cleaner,” says Scott Arkon, ZeroRez Hawaii.

Those wanting to learn more about Zerorez Hawaii, its products and services can do so via its official website. 

Zerorez Hawaii: