On today’s show we meet a nurse and military spouse with a family that needed help finding a good job. Nikia Leslie turned to staffing solutions.

“I relocated to Hawaii in July 2018. I interviewed with Kahu Malama Nurses initially as a Clinical Research RN, but there were no available positions at the time. Unable to find a RN position in my specialty, I went to a military job fair and was approached by a representative from Staffing Solutions Hawaii. Again, they also had no positions that fit my specialty, but was told they would keep me in mind. Fast forward to right before the acquisition, SSOH contacted me for a Nurse Manager position based on my background at Loma Linda and placed me in the managerial role at Kahu Malama Nurses. Kahu Malama Nurses was the first medical staffing agency to receive Joint Commission (JCAHO) accreditation in Hawaii. This is a significant accomplishment for a staffing agency because this shows our agency holds high standards for patient safety as well as providing quality caregivers through stringent credentialing. Also, we have had a recent acquisition. Kahu Malama Nurses is now a Staffing Solutions of Hawaii company. With over 60 years of combined experience, and such an abundance of industry knowledge and expertise, Kahu Malama Nurses has an advantage… but I may be biased! In all seriousness, we are also JCO accredited staffing firm, and that alone distinguishes us as there are not many of us in the Hawaii islands.”

And Nikia has advice for the job-seeker.

“I personally know how hard it is to find employment right away here on island. Let our agency make the connections for you. We proudly partner with the best healthcare systems in Hawaii and offer a variety of shifts and positions. We provide you with the flexibility to choose the shifts you want to work, at the times you want to work, however often it is you’d like to work. If you’re looking for something more long-term, we offer amazing contracts as well as direct hire positions. We offer competitive wages and benefits and consistently monitor the industry’s trends to make sure we are among your top choices. As for any healthcare employers that do not already work with us – we are committed to providing exceptional customer service company wide. From our accounting team, to recruitment and staffing, to management, you can count on us to provide competent, quality staff members to meet your needs!”

For more information visit http://kahumalama.com