Wine Taste at Oahu’s Only Winery, OENO Winemaking


Swirl and sip for an unique wine tasting experience at Oahu’s only winery called OENO Winemaking in Kailua.

OENO takes grapes from vineyards from around the world and creates an intimate area where you can experience all the facets of wine and winemaking and create al custom personalized wine with your own label.

Living808’s Tannya Joaquin invited three friends to go wine tasting with guided by owner and wine afficionado Marshall Zeigler.

OENO Winemaking opened its doors in Kailua in 2008. 

For a decade, 100% of their 150+ wines have been fermented and bottled from raw ingredients here in Hawaii. 

Wines are produced naturally with little to no sulfite preservative using a European technique called, “Beaujolais Nouveau.”

Grapes are already crushed and those crushed grapes to start fermenting into wine.

Zeigler says there are three easy steps to making personalized wine to use for yourself, gifts for your friends, business clients, or whatever else you can think of where wine would be the perfect compliment.

You can book experiences online.

Hours are Wednesday-Sunday 11am-8pm.
How long does the process take?

Fermentation takes 4-6 weeks depending on the type of wine you purchased. 

After the wine is finished fermenting, you and your party will come in to bottle it and label it. 

Wines will generally last about two years in the bottle. 


Address: 26 Hoolai Street, Kailua

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