The Gleeson Brothers Join Forces to Bring New Comedy Series to Amazon Prime

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Honolulu (KHON2) – Known for their roles in Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed and Harry Potter, Brian and Domhnall Gleeson are coming together to star in Amazon’s newest comedy, Frank of Ireland. 

The Gleeson brothers star alongside each other in “Frank of Ireland,” Amazon’s newest comedy that follows the life of a 33 year old, dealing with the struggles of a single millennial. 

“Frank of Ireland is about Frank, a 33 year old disaster of a Human being. He is stuck living at home with his mom, has a bullying relationship with his best friend, and is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Annie. With all of this going on, he doesn’t want to grow up, essentially kicking and screaming his way into adulthood,” says Brian Gleeson, Frank of Frank of Ireland. 

Frank isn’t kicking and screaming alone, he is accompanied by his loyal best friend, Doofus.

“Doofus in a lot of ways lives for Frank. Doofus feels he is so lucky to hang out with someone who he thinks is the coolest person in the world. As the series continues, we’ll see how Doofus finds his own voice, but still is able to keep the balance of being loyal to Frank,” says Domhnall Gleeson, Doofus of Frank of Ireland. 

Dealing with a lot of trials of an older millennial, the Gleeson brothers didn’t want to portray Frank as an unlikeable human being, but someone the audience can relate to and feel for.

Domhnall says, “We wanted our audience to see that Frank has a lot going for him, but Frank, himself, just does not know it. In reality Frank has a lot to be thankful for; he has not been kicked out of his house, he’s able to get by and he has a really good group of friends.”

Frank of Ireland will be available to stream on Amazon Prime, Friday, April 16.

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