Honolulu (KHON2) – Lights, Camera, Action! Kiyra Lynn, Producer and Host of Hollywood First Look and KHON2’s Mikey Monis have the latest reviews of your favorite films.

Each edition of Spoiler Alert will highlight some of Hollywood’s top movie projects along with “need to know” tips to keep in mind. From the latest Marvel film to your favorite on-screen couples and more, Spoiler Alert will have you at the edge of your seat in anticipation.

The latest Oscar-winning film, R-R-R has both Kiyralynn and Mikey Monis dancing in excitement with tips viewers should keep in mind before watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster. 

“This film was entertaining and the cast lineup was amazing. I have seen this film three times and each time, I had my eyes glued to the screen. My daughter who is obsessed with her phone, had to put her device down because there was so much going on in the first scene,” says Kiyra Lynn, Host of Hollywood First Look. 

R-R-R is available to stream on Netflix.

Tip 1: Watch R-R-R With Friends

“With all of the plot twists, dance numbers and action scenes, you want someone next to you to recap what you just saw. This film will have you and your friends laughing and shocked,” says Kiyralynn. 

Tip 2: The film is Three-Hours Long

“Three hours is a long time to sit down and watch a film, but with a film like this, those hours will fly right by. If you have that time to spare, you won’t feel like it went to waste,” Mkey Monis, KHON2 Correspondent.

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