Wedding Week on Living808 starts with non-other than a company that specializes in planning and coordination.  Wedding Planner 808 is with you from the beginning to the end and as Janice Bachiller, owner of the company,  tells us they help with every step in between as well.

” We specialize in hassle and stress free wedding planning and coordination through organizing details and time management. Not all wedding require a wedding planner but should definitely have a wedding coordinator to execute all of your wedding day plans. “

Janice also discussed the wedding color themes for 2020 from neo mint to mellow yellow.

The average budget for a Hawaii standard wedding with all the bells and whistles is $45,000 – $48,000.  For 250 guests average of $53,000 – $55,000.  Based on $50 to $65 per person so Wedding Planner 808 can help.

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