Want to prank your kids this Halloween?


If you want to get your kids in the spirit of Halloween but don’t want to scare them too bad, we’ve got fun, harmless ways to prank them this Halloween.

First is a fun sensory game called “Mystery Bowls”. You’ll need a big bowl, a blind fold, and an assortment of fake body parts.

You can use household items like spaghetti, grapes, bags of pudding, and slivers of almonds.

Put all the items in the bowl, blind fold your child, and have them guess what body parts they are pulling out of the bowl.

Next, is a spooky “Skull and Bones” breakfast.

You’ll need three eggs, 2-4 strips of bacon, and one piece of spam.

Place two long strips of bacon in the shape of an “X”, then add two over-easy eggs at the top of the plate and shape one-egg white to make the bottom of the skull.

Then, add slices of spam for eyes, teeth, and nose. 

Follow along with John and Trini as they demonstrate how to create these fun, harmless pranks.

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