WAIEA Water uses Atmospheric Water Generators, or AWG to take in humid air around us and condense it into droplets which then undergo an advanced filtration process. From charcoal to UV, to reverse osmosis, you end up with the purest, cleanest, and healthiest alkaline drinking water possible. And that’s not it according to Angelique Murray, Gray Water Recycling Director.

“We have also added innovative Gray Water Recycling systems to the WAIEA collection. Our Hydraloop gray water recycling machines are turnkey for residential and commercial properties. The units collect lightly contaminated gray water from the bath, shower, washing machines, or condensation water from air conditioners and washing machines. These units treat, clean and purify gray water so it can be reused again for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden, irrigation, and topping of swimming pool. With that, we are able to reduce our water consumption and reduce wastewater output by up to 45% which will save not only water, but money and the environment also.”

And now WAIEA Water is fundraising to be able to bring AWG machines to Red Hill Elementary School according to Joshua Walter, the VP Chief Technology Officer.

“The contamination of municipal water in Red Hill is still on the minds of parents and residents of the area. We saw firsthand how this has affected the students at Red Hill Elementary. Their school stage is now used for 5-gallon jug storage, the cost of bottled water is an ongoing burden, the students are consuming water that has trace microplastics and the manpower needed to constantly move 5-gallon jugs to each classroom is exponential. With your help, Hawaii, we want to bring the students the healthiest, purest and cleanest water possible. So now through June, a portion of proceeds from each sale of an AWG or Gray Water Recycling system will go towards donating an AWG to Red Hill Elementary through WAIEA Water Foundation—our newly launched 501(c)3 charity here in Hawaii. We encourage you to invest in your own health with an AWG and invest in the health of our planet with a Hydraloop system. Now is the best time to do so. We have new models launching soon plus your purchase directly helps the keiki of Red Hill Elementary. You can also donate directly to the cause at gofundme.com/redhillwater, any donation amount helps.”

And keep an eye out for more new products in the near future.  For more information, visit waieahawaii.com or on social media @waieawater.