HONOLULU (KHON) – Upcycle Hawaii is a brand of quality products and accessories made from reclaimed and repurposed materials. The business was created from a combination of creativity and environmentalism.  Their first products were brought to Big Island Farmer’s Markets in late 2014 and over the past several years they have created a clear product line that is now sold almost exclusively to wholesale buyers/boutique retailers.  They like to call what we do “Trash to Treasure” and I like to think of myself as the “Head Trashionista”.  Their products include Zipper Pouches, Jewelry, Accessories and Home Décor

One of the goals for Upcycle Hawaii is to help reduce the amount of mass ending up in Big Island landfills so they like to target materials that are unable to be recycled or reused as-is.  By far the material that they work with the most is plastic. They also process retired and busted rubber innertubes, marine debris such as ropes and nets, vinyl banners and even paper.  Materials are sourced from local business and donated by local residents.

Website: www.upcyclehi.com