Underwater wedding photography offers unique option for adventurous couples


Photography is a very important part of the wedding-planning process.

Adventure photography is the newest trend that puts couples in unique settings to capture their special moments.

In Hawaii, that includes everything from hiking to a waterfall, venturing out to a sandbar, and, especially, going underwater.

“We’ll go in their wedding dress, or maybe have a groom in a suit, and we find some beautiful places to shoot at, going deep in the depth of the water and creating really beautiful, compelling images,” said Joseph Esser of Joseph Esser Photography. “People want that wow factor, and if you can take a picture and make a couple look amazing underwater, there’s no bigger wow factor than doing it underwater.”

There are serious factors to consider, especially when it comes to safety. Couples need to be talented swimmers.

“If you’re not great swimming in board shorts or a bikini, don’t try to do it in a wedding gown or a suit,” said Esser, a former lifeguard. “It’s a little bit more complicated than on land. You’ve got to deal with bubbles. You’ve got to deal with, we call it chipmunk-cheeking, where you’re holding your breath in your mouth, wide eyes, hair going everywhere.”

“How exciting would it be to walk into somebody’s home and see this big, beautiful, blue picture of them floating in water in a wedding dress? It’s not something that you’re going to see in many other parts of the world,” said Brad Buckles, Hawaii Bridal Expo producer. “Anybody can go on the internet and find somebody that can shoot a wedding portrait. But that’s so yesterday. That’s what Mom and Dad did. What we’re looking for now is options to go have fun, express themselves, do something as a couple that they want to remember when they get older, something that’s fun and different.”

Esser will be a featured vendor at this weekend’s Hawaii Bridal Expo. If you’re getting married and need some inspiration or want to see the latest wedding trends, head to the expo this weekend, July 27-29, at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center.


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