Ukulele artist Taimane previews new ‘Elemental’ album


Taimane plays everything from Bach to Led Zeppelin on her ukulele.

Originally discovered by Don Ho, she has managed to weave different genres to create her own sound.

Her new album, “Elemental,” will be released on June 5 after two years.

“I am so happy. I literally finished it last week and I have been celebrating nonstop. It’s a special album for me,” she said. “There’s a song for each element, earth, wind, fire, water, and then of course I have to put that mythical feel into it, so there’s another song called Atlantis and Ether.”

As Taimane explains, the songs present the feelings of each element. Fire is a flamenco track with driving percussion. Air features a light, flowing melody with only ukulele.

“Being born and raised and growing up in Hawaii, it’s hard not to be inspired by the beauty of Hawaii,” she said. “The elements are a huge inspiration, and being around water, being around the earth, definitely comes through my music.”

Taimane’s CD release tour will take her around the state and the West Coast.

She says the audience can expect “a traditional concert setting with a lot of energy — me joined by my guitarist and percussionist. The goal is to keep everyone’s attention for every second of the show.”


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