Honolulu (KHON2) – Local artist, Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides and fashion designer, Shaina Matsuura combine their talents to create a local swimwear line.

Known for their creative ideas in the fashion and fine art industry, local entrepreneurs Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides and Shaina Matsuura have created a swimwear line, perfect for those wanting to look their best this season. 

“A Lot of the feedback from our customers and followers have been positive, and I think people just love that they can get a piece of unique artwork made in Hawaii, on swimwear also made in Hawaii,” says Shaina Matsuura, Swimwear Designer. 

As Matsuura worked on her upcoming swimwear line, she enlisted the help of local artist, Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides who is known for her landscape artwork. 

“Shaina and I met several times and discussed what she envisioned on her swimwear. When it was decided that she wanted something with water and waves, we looked at the various Ocean and Water pieces in my collection. We ended up with an original Ocean painting for the women’s swimsuit, and a more graphic line drawing of the Ocean for the board shorts,” says Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides, Fine artist. 

Respected in both of their individual fields, Fujiyama Kosmides is using her platform to encourage and motivate future female entrepreneurs.  

Fujiyama Kosmides says, “Being fortunate to live and work in both my Hilo hometown and Los Angeles, I would definitely tell up and coming talents to get out there and to go for it. You don’t know what you are capable of achieving until you try.”

Shaina Makai Swimwear is now available to purchase online via their official website.

WEBSITE: www.ShainaMakai.com