Local boy, Tumua Tuinei is home for his Time to Laugh tour. Tuinei says it’s good to be back home after touring around the west coast in the mainland. 

Tuinei says being at the Blaisdell is “big time” and he couldn’t be happier and nervous but in a good way. 

Tuinei likes to put himself and his experience into his acts, he also says he gets his sense of humor from his dad as well. So expect some local jokes and lots of laughs.

Tumua has partnered up with Texaco and KHON to do a contest which launches today. People could win VIP tickets & backstage passes AND $100 Texaco gift card.  Great seats & get a chance to hang out with me backstage after the show. To enter please click on the link to enter.


Tumua’s show Time to Laugh is sold out on November 12, BUT you can still get tickets for the November 13th show. 

Visit www.tumuacomedy.com or ticketmaster.com