T&T TINTING Specialist New “CoolVu”


T&T Tinting Specialists have been around for nearly four decades and have helped many customers during those years with both vehicle and home tinting.  

There are many benefits for using window film –  Solar Control Window Films have been used now for over 50 years to reduce heat gain through glass, cut large amounts of glare, reduce the effects of fading and virtually eliminate UV-A & UV-B Ray penetration through glass for homes, commercial buildings and autos, protecting interiors from premature aging and fading, as well as make glass stronger and more shatter-resistant in times of violent weather and even hurricanes.

And now “CoolVu” is the newest and greatest in auto and home tinting.  

On a home, before CoolVu, services would install a certain shade of tint, ranging from clear UV blocking films to super-dark films or reflective films blocking up to 95% of the glare depending on the client’s problems and their intended outcome.  

Once you install that film, it will be that clear, or that dark until you remove that film from the glass.  Even though this “fixed” solution has been working well solving heat, glare and UV issues for over 5 decades now, “CoolVu can now provide the best of all worlds” says Tommy Silva, President and CEO of T&T.  

“Say you have a home up on a hill looking at a nice ocean view… Once you have a certain darkness of film installed on that window that was selected to handle the hottest, brightest time of the day, you are pretty much stuck with that level of tint even when it is not bright and hot.  That fact reduces your ability to clearly see your view at night, or even on rainy, overcast days.  In these times, CoolVu will automatically lighten up, or go clear so that you can enjoy your night (or overcast rainy day) views while instantly having the full power of the film back when the sun is actually shining and striking the film. CoolVu also allows for the best day-lighting for offices and homes.  Having a dark film on a home/office windows when it is already overcast outside will make the inside of the home or office look and feel gloomy.  CoolVu will lighten up and allow in all available light to brighten up the interior.  For autos, the Hawaii-legal 35% VLT (visible light transmission) level film may not seem too dark for some, but as we age, our eyes begin to fail and night driving can become more diffcult if you have darker films on your vehicle.  CoolVu 55/35 darkens during the day to the Hawaii legal level of 35%, but at night, or on cloudy days, will lighten up to 55% making night driving much safer for those with night blindness or failing vision.” 

For more information on CoolVu or the many other great products that T&T Tinting Specialists carry, visit tnttinting.com or call 808-423-8468

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