Living808’s recent visit to Maui brought an unforgettable experience as Kelly joined Quentin Koch, the CEO of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, for a breathtaking aerial tour of the island. As part of the Mālama Maui campaign sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines, this segment highlighted the extraordinary efforts and services of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Responding to Community Needs

In the wake of the Maui wildfires, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters stepped up significantly to aid the community. Quentin shared their immediate response to the crisis, delivering essentials like water, food, and communication tools to first responders and affected areas. With over 6,000 meals and thousands of bottles of water delivered, their commitment to Maui’s wellbeing was evident.

More Than Just Tours

While Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is renowned for its spectacular aerial tours, their contribution extends beyond tourism. As Maui heals, they’ve been pivotal in surveying affected areas and keeping their pilots and maintenance staff engaged. Quentin highlighted the versatility of helicopters, noting their ability to operate across different islands and adapt to tourism shifts.

Experiencing Maui’s Magic from Above

Kelly’s helicopter tour showcased Maui’s stunning landscapes, from the West Maui Mountains and Molokai’s sea cliffs to whale sightings as the humpback season has just begun. The experience, enhanced by a knowledgeable pilot and thematic music, transformed into a magical adventure, offering a unique perspective of the island’s natural beauty.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters: Setting the Gold Standard

Quentin proudly spoke about their focus on safety and quality, striving to set the gold standard in the helicopter tour industry. From well-equipped helicopters to experienced pilots, they ensure a safe and remarkable experience for each guest.

Booking Your Adventure

Interested in experiencing Maui from the skies? Booking a tour is easy. Visit or call their Maui-based team at 1(800) 745-2583 for detailed information on tours across the Hawaiian Islands.

Kelly’s experience with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is a testament to their exceptional service and dedication to Mālama Maui. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring Maui from above with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters promises an adventure that’s as enriching as it is exhilarating.

Mālama Maui is supported by Hawaiian Airlines. To learn how you can Mālama Maui, visit