Travel Ambassador Angel Castellanos Provides Helpful Tips To Hawaii Travelers


Honolulu (KHON2) – Travel journalist and ambassador, Angel Castellanos is bringing the travel tips to Hawaii residents looking to vacation. 

With a lot of people traveling for the upcoming holidays, founder and travel journalist of Angels Travel Lounge, Angel Castellanos is providing tips for future travelers on what to pack for your next vacation. 

“I always travel with a carry on. Rarely do I ever check any bags in. With a carry-on, it allows ultimate flexibility in this changing landscape, saves time waiting for your luggage and less bags to carry,” says  Angel Castellanos, founder and travel journalist of Angels Travel Lounge.

When choosing the perfect bag to bring, Castellanos feels that the type of luggage should depend on where your final destination is.

Castellanos says, “Between a hard case and a soft case, it really depends on where you’re planning to go. Hard shell is easy to clean, but it’s limited to packing. If you plan to be on the road a lot, and will be going in and out of your luggage often, a soft sided luggage is great.”

As travelers are getting more comfortable with flying, Castellanos feels that having certain items on you, are essential in 2021.

“I highly recommend travelers pack a vaccine card, but do not laminate it. It should be kept in a protective case, a take home covid test for back up, extra PPE in all bags, hand sanitizers and extra essentials in case of travel changes,” says Castellanos.

For more tips on how to travel safely and comfortably, Castellanos encourages Hawaii residents to follow him online. 



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