Tory’s Roofing celebrates 50 years in business and is celebrating with a free roof giveaway!

Sandra Tory Ward of Tory’s Roofing & Waterproofing Inc says:

“When considering how we wanted to celebrate this milestone anniversary we thought : We’ve done the big parties and the trips, what else could we do? I started reflecting on the last couple years and how drastically our lives have changed as a community and society. Everyone has been impacted differently, but everyone has faced challenges from covid. When considering how blessed we’ve been to be in business for 50 years, I thought it was only fitting to bless someone else. That’s why we want to give one Hawaiʻi family a new roof. ‘’

Tory’s Roofing started in 1972, marking this year as five decades in operation without a change in name or ownership. Currently, the company is in their third generation of owners from the Tory ʻOhana. With Ward’s three brothers and two nephews having recently joined the team, it truly is a family affair.

For the contest, one winner will be picked based on their entry and why they, or someone they are nominating needs a new roof.  For official rules and to enter to win a free roof, log on to