Honolulu (KHON2) – Dr. Karla Garjaka provides mental health tips for those wanting to relieve anxiety and depression.

According to Dr. Karla Garjaka of Globally Brighter and the LEARN school, states the prevalence of mental health concerns has been increasing in recent years. Factors contributing to this rise may include societal pressures, lifestyle changes, increased stress levels, and the impact of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Research shows that mental health issues can have significant impacts on physical well-being, leading to increased risks of chronic conditions, compromised immune system function, and higher rates of mortality. Likewise, taking care of our physical health through proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep can positively influence our mental well-being and cognitive function,” says Dr. Karla Garjaka of Globally Brighter and the LEARN school. 

Grajaka provides more information about a healthy diet for mental health in her book, “Recipes for the Anxious Minds: Mindful Eating For Optimal Brain Health.” 

Tips For A Healthy Mental Diet:

– Drink a lot of water

– Berries

– Dark Greens

– Fatty Fish

Globally Brighter and the LEARN School