Top technology and care at the Cancer Center of Hawaii


Cancer is difficult but when you have the right team surrounding you, it can make going through it a little easier. Cancer Center of Hawaii helps people to continue living normal, productive lives.

Their physicians and staff are dedicated to taking care of cancer patients and their families.  Trini caught up with one of their doctors and got a tour of their Liliha facility.  She also learned that they’re the only free-standing cancer treatment center on Oahu.

“Free standing means we’re not hospital based. We still have hospital affiliation, our doctor’s work closely with doctors at the hospitals, but our physicians, our radiation oncologists, have direct input and say into their patient’s treatments,” says Dr. Robin Campos, Chief Medical Physicist at Cancer Center of Hawaii.

Cancer Center of Hawaii is known for treating their cancer patients with state of the art technology .  They are especially proud of their “Truebeam.”

“The truebeam is a linear accelerator. It is able to give patients their radiation treatment.  Not only can the true beam deliver regular treatments in the sense for breast cancer or prostate cancer or lung treatments, but we’re also able to do a radio surgery technique which is being able to localize the tumor and cut it out with radiation with millimeter accuracy,” says Campos.

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