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Toastmasters is an international organization that empowers individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

This is accomplished through a series of clubs throughout the world.  

Toastmasters is in 141 countries with over 16,000 clubs and more than 350,000 members.  

Here in Hawaii, Toastmasters is on all the major islands with more than 60 clubs.  

These clubs are in government agencies, corporate organizations and in the community. 

Toastmasters has clubs in the City and County of Honolulu, Board of Water Supply and the Honolulu Police Department.  

We are at the Bank of Hawaii, First Insurance, and the Queen’s Medical Center.  

Our community clubs are in Kapolei, Palolo, and Hawaii Kai.  

The goal of each meeting is to have every member present speak.  

One member serves as the toastmaster and runs the meeting, introduce speakers, and keeps everyone timely.  

One member may be the joke master and tell a joke or another may give a short inspiration.  

Then there are fiduciaries.  

There is a timer who keeps the time for everyone who speaks and an “ah” counter who records the speakers crutch words.  

For example “um” “ah” “you know” or “so”.  

They also have a table topic master who challenges members to speak one to two minutes on selected topic or question.  

Then there are the prepared speeches which is the crux of Toastmasters.  

Members complete assignments based on their track and deliver a five to seven minute speech.  

They are immediately evaluated by another member who provides positive feedback to help them improve.  

Toastmasters meeting is the practice field for members.  

The super bowl moments are outside the door: when you go for that job interview, or you are selected to pitch a new idea to the board of directors, or your daughter asks you to propose a toast at her wedding reception.  


Those are the reasons you are a toastmaster.  

That’s when you realize everything you did in Toastmasters has prepared you for that moment.  

Go to and click on find a club.  

You want to find a club meeting that is convenient for you as far as location and time.  

Then attend the meeting and see what Toastmasters is all about.  

You should visit three or four different club meetings before you decide which club is right for you.

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