Tips to starting a vegan and vegetarian diet


There are so many reasons to “plantify” your diet.

There are countless healing benefits in alleviating symptoms and helping to reverse chronic disease.

It’s also environmentally friendly, reduces global warming, and is compassionate towards all living things.

If you’re interested in switching to a vegan diet, Down to Earth suggests starting off with stocking your pantry with these vegan staples:

1. Nut butters are great to add to smoothies, or as a dip with apples
2. Dried fruits 
3. Various beans can be used to add protein and texture to dishes
4. Vegetable stock can replace water in dishes for a flavor boost
5. Nutritional yeast, also known as vegan cheese, can be used in almost every dish

Down to Earth stores are 100% vegetarian, and their deli department offers amazing vegan dishes that will having you saying “I can’t believe it’s vegan!”

Some of their most popular dishes include the mock chicken salad, black bean beets burger, vegan pancit with mock meat, mock chicken supreme focaccia, and any mock meal dish you can think of!

There’s a big vegetarian festival happening this weekend.

VegFest brings together more than 50 booths offering education, food and entertainment.

Activities include plant-based cooking demos by expert chefs, speakers on health and environmental topics, a mouthwatering variety of vegan vendors offering ethnic dishes, local favorites, and comfort foods, yoga and dance classes, and continuous live music. 

It’s happening on Saturday, Oct. 13 from 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Frank Fasi Civic Grounds. It’s free admission and parking.


Visit Down to Earth’s website for store locations and recipes at

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