The Hawaii Active Seniors Expo two-day event kicks off this Friday June 9th and Saturday from 8:30 in the morning and runs until 4pm. The Hawaii Active Seniors Expo has world class resources for families and their kupuna to service and care for their needs. It’s FREE ADMISSION! No need to register!

One of the many businesses that will be there is the Honolulu Fire Department and their representatives.  For a preview, HFD Inspector Carl Otsuka joined John Veneri on Living808 to go thru a few tips to keep our property and loved ones safe, especially our kupuna, in the event of a fire. One of the first tips was about keeping doors closed.

“Whether you live in a single family home or an apartment, the easiest tip is to close all the bedroom and bathroom doors. In the event of a fire, closed doors will compartmentalize the fire, minimizing the spread of fire and smoke. You should close your doors When you leave your home, and when you go to sleep.  If your home will be empty during the day because everyone is at work or school, or you’re going on a vacation . Also  at night, if a fire starts while you’re sleeping, you have a greater chance of surviving as less smoke would enter your room than if your door had been open. »

And Otsuka added information on notification of a fire for residents.

‘The best notification for our residents comes from working smoke alarms. Please make sure they’re working.  Test them once a month.  If you don’t have the 10 year battery smoke alarm, or you have a wired system, change the batteries once a year.  If your smoke alarm is older than ten years, change out the whole unit.  And remember, Don’t Stall Call 911.”

The Fire Department will have a booth at the The Hawaii Active Senior Expo and for more information on that, visit Facebook | Hawaii Active Seniors Expo