Tips on how to make the perfect pancake


Get your griddle hot, batter mixed, and syrup ready because it’s National Pancake Day!

Cinnamon’s restaurant is helping us celebrate with tips on how to make the perfect pancake.

First tip is to make sure you have all the key ingredients for your batter.

Ingredients should always include fresh, local eggs, buttermilk, salt, sugar, and baking powder.

Keep the consistency thick, lumpy, and fluffy so don’t overmix. 

Next, when it comes to equipment make sure to use a grill or flat top that’s non-stick, and use a spatula.

Last, make sure the temperature is 350 degrees before adding the batter to the grill or pan.

Be patient and do not turn the pancake over frequently.

Cinnamon’s Restaurant has been a popular local breakfast spot since 1985 when it was one of the few restaurants that served breakfast in the Kailua area.

Since then, they’ve expanded to Waikiki, Las Vegas, and even Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan.

For information on their hours and locations, visit

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