For over a decade, Dr. Aaries Oda, DC has been at the forefront of laser technology, using his expertise to help patients achieve their beauty, confidence, and health goals. From laser hair removal to advanced procedures, Dr. Oda, DC has been utilizing proven techniques to provide his patients with the best possible outcomes.

And now, HEC Medical Center is bringing the latest and most advanced laser hair removal technologies to Hawaii, courtesy of Dr. Oda, DC. Today, Dr. Oda, DC unveiled a machine that is capable of painlessly removing hair permanently, regardless of skin type or skin tone.

Dr. Oda, DC emphasized that their pricing is affordable and straightforward, with no hidden fees. They charge a simple, one-price-per-area fee, regardless of the number of treatments required. Most patients require only six treatments, but in case any patient needs more, HEC Medical Center provides complimentary treatments. This confidence in their laser system assures that any hair that grows back within five or ten years will also receive complimentary treatment since it’s a permanent solution.

If you are interested in laser hair removal, now is the perfect time to book your appointment at HEC Medical Center. With the most advanced technology and the expertise of Dr. Aaries Oda, DC you can be confident that you will receive the best possible care. So, visit or call them at 808-888-0110 to learn more and schedule your appointment today.