Honolulu (KHON2) – Inspire MVMT is helping Hawaii residents reach their health and fitness goals. 

Created in Hawaii in 2019 by two licensed doctors of physical therapy, Inspire MVMT is a mobile personal training service with a goal to support and continue a healthy community in Hawaii.

“We provide a unique training experience in the fitness industry, with a background in Exercise Science and Orthopedic physical therapy for 10+ years, I have helped hundreds if not thousands of people improve their strength and range of motion while actively recovering from or with a history of common injuries such as: rotator cuff tears, lumbar disc injuries, ACL tears and more,” says Dan Munkley, Owner of Inspire MVMT.

Inspire MVMT combines a deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, with optimal training programs.

Munkley, “I work with a wide variety of clients, anywhere from 16 years old and all the way to in their 70s, college athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, business owners, general public, retirees and more.”

To learn more about Inspire MVMT and how they can help with your fitness goals can reach out via its official website. 


Website: www.inspiremvmt.com