In a bid to provide better access to health insurance and nutritious meals in West Oʻahu, two vital initiatives have taken root: the launch of Get2insurance’s monthly visits to Waianae and the introduction of the King Lunalilo Trust’s Kūpuna Meals-To-Go Program. These initiatives aim to address critical needs within the community and enhance the well-being of its residents. Martha Khlopin, of Get2insurance, joined us to highlight the importance of their new monthly visits to Waianae. 

Get2insurance collaborates with local partners, such as Hoʻomau Ke Ola, to provide quick and easy access to health insurance options like Medicaid and marketplace plans. Volunteers assist individuals of all ages, with special attention to the elderly. Thousands have already benefited from their support, gaining access to affordable rates and insurance coverage within a week. To cater to those who require additional help with the application process, Get2insurance will offer in-person assistance in Waianae on a monthly basis.

The King Lunalilo Trust, through the leadership of CEO Keaolamaikalani Dean, launched the Kūpuna Meals-To-Go Program. Originally available in Hawaii Kai, this initiative now extends its reach to West Oahu. This program provides healthy and nutritious meals to the kūpuna in the community. The meals are prepared to meet the specific dietary needs of kūpuna, including being low in sodium and easy to consume. The program aims to improve health outcomes for participants, potentially reducing emergency room visits and nursing home admissions.

The Trust also runs a farm-to-kūpuna program, sourcing fresh produce and meats from local farms to incorporate into their meals. This initiative not only supports local agriculture but also enhances the nutritional value of the meals provided.

Eligibility for the program is primarily based on age, with individuals aged 55 and older, or those living in a household with a kūpuna aged 55 or older, qualifying for participation. Funding for the program’s initial phase comes from a grant by Papa Ola Lokahi, allowing for a seamless startup.

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