Honolulu (KHON2) – The Hawaiʻi Health and Harm Reduction Center invites Hawaii residents to celebrate its 40th anniversary at Church of the Crossroads in November. 

For 40 years, The Hawaiʻi Health and Harm Reduction Center has served Hawai’i communities by reducing the harm and fighting the stigma of HIV and more in Hawaii’s communities. 

“I’ve had mIxed feelings, knowing we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. We had hoped that we would have a cure for HIV by this point, but are proud of our 40 year history of helping Hawaii,” says Andrew Ogata, Director of Marketing & Development.

In honor of its 40th anniversary, Ogata and the team of the Hawaiʻi Health and Harm Reduction Center will be having a celebration on November 14th. 

Ogata says, “We will be celebrating at the Church of the Crossroads. It will be a dinner celebration, we will be showing a mini documentary showcasing the past 40 years.”

Those looking to get involved with the Hawaiʻi Health and Harm Reduction Center and its 40th anniversary can learn more via its official website. 

 The Hawaiʻi Health and Harm Reduction Center: