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Personalize your space with The Vanguard Theory.  

Michelle Jaime joined us on the show to talk about how to spice up your personal space whether at home of the office, and she should know as she is the host of her on HGTV show Aloha Homes.

“For your home office, personalize your space by surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy like family photos, and souvenirs from your travels.  Create an amazing playlist of music to keep you motivated, and creative.  Layer in plants to bring some life into your space. Finally, add a candle or diffuser to keep you relaxed and centered.”

For a place to stay organized, Jaime says use containers.

“Baskets and containers are your best friend.  Paper organization is probably the most difficult task for me to keep up with.  I have so many documents that quickly pile up on my desk daily.  I scan everything and store in the cloud so that I don’t need to keep hard copies.  For the hardcopies I do need to keep I organize them by how accessible they need to be.  For documents I hardly ever need to reference I put them in a plastic container and put them in my closet.  For documents that I reference monthly, I place them in a binder on a shelf.  For documents I reference often they are in folder in my desk drawer.”

And if you want an eco-friendly office, “Go paperless.  Use the cloud to store most of your documents. Print double sided. Reuse one-sided printed paper by using as notepaper.  Turn off your equipment at the end of the day.  Unplug as much as possible.  Use sensor lights to reduce energy consumption.  Share your eco-friendly goals with your teammates so that everyone can participate.”

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