The truth about going solar in Hawaii


There’s no better way to reduce your energy costs than through solar energy.

But, HECO’s frequent changes in programs have left many people confused, hesitant to buy solar.

In today’s Energy Innovation, Revolusun Project Developer Mark Ida clears up some common misconceptions.

First, solar tax credits are still available. In fact, the federal and state tax credits can cover up to 65% of your system’s cost.

Second, one of the biggest changes that’s happened in the solar industry is a quicker authorization time.

Self-supply systems are getting HECO approval in 30 days or less.

And, self-supply systems aren’t as expensive as many believe. Revolusun’s PV-plus-battery systems are the same costs as PV systems from two years ago.

What people don’t realize is that your electricity costs would go down if you switch to solar, even with a battery.

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