Honolulu (KHON2) – Located in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, The Tech Interactive Museum offers hands-on learning experiences for those interested in all things technology. 

With many immersive exhibits to choose from, the Tech Interactive Museum takes learning to a new level with state of the art, and one of a kind demonstrations. 

“Tech Interactive is all about Silicon Valley’s core aspect, Innovation. Guests will be inspired to solve problems and discover ways you can use or create technology to make the world a better place. We also offer hands-on exhibitions about current topics like cyber security, innovations in health care, bioengineering, augmented and virtual reality, taking action on climate change and more,” says Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of The Tech Interactive Museum. 

With help and guidance from some of Silicon Valley’s founders like the founder of Hewlett Packard and Gordon and Betty Moore of Intel, Stevens feels the Tech Interactive Museum has become more than just a learning experience, but an attraction the whole family can enjoy. 

Stevens says, “The focus is not on technology itself – you won’t come here to see old Apple II’s on display. Just like silicon valley- we’re really about innovation. We’ve created a space where families from all around the world can come and learn how to become problem solvers within their own community. It’s  so much more than a museum, it’s a place where everyone can test their ability to think creatively and have fun building and playing.”

From solving some of earth’s most notable problems, to designing robots, Stevens feels the Tech Interactive Museum has redefined “hands on experiences.” One exhibit that is unlike any other found in San Jose. 

“We offer a great attraction at the museum called ‘Birdly.’ Guests can get on a simulated machine that allows them to Fly like a bird through virtual reality experience. They’ll be able to flap their wings and control their own movements as they fly high above New York city or go in Jurassic mode and soar among dinosaurs,” says Stevens.

The Tech Interactive Museum has recently reopened their doors, and is now welcoming guests from around the world to experience San Jose’s one of a kind attraction. 



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