The secret behind Redondo’s Aloha Aina hot dogs


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Redondo’s Aloha Aina beef franks are made with 100-percent grass-fed, Hawaii-grown beef, with no added hormones, antibiotics, nitrites, or nitrates.

“We at Redondo’s wanted to make a beef frank that was natural, all-natural, and that was made with all Hawaiian cattle,” explained plant manager Kendrick Ho. “We wanted to make sure that people realize that this is made in Hawaii, and the product, the cattle is from Hawaii.”

The beef is sourced from Kunoa Cattle Company, which operates a home ranch on Kauai.

“The partnership is amazing. Redondo’s is a longtime, local household name, and we felt it was a great thing to partner with somebody with such a great history in Hawaii, like the ranching history in Hawaii,” said Bobby Farias, Kunoa Cattle Company. “The partnership, what that’s going to do, is allow a lot more volume of cattle from Hawaii ranchers to go through the local production system, and make it available for locals, on the shelves of all their favorite supermarkets and stores that they shop at.”

Redondo’s Aloha Aina beef franks are available at Times Supermarkets. It will soon be sold at Foodland, as well as family packs at Costco and Sam’s Club.

The company is approved by the state Department of Agriculture with the Hawaii Seal of Quality.


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