For 128 years, The Salvation Army has stood as a pillar of hope and help in the heart of Maui. Even in the face of adversity, their commitment to serving the community remains unwavering. The recent challenges, including the loss of the Salvation Army church, administrative offices, thrift store, and pastor’s home in Lahaina, haven’t deterred them. They are determined to rebuild and continue their mission, with our current operational center located in Kahului. John went to the Salvation Army at Pearlridge Center to learn all about their work.

After the devastating fires in Maui, The Salvation Army stepped up as the primary agency for food assistance. From day one, they’ve coordinated the delivery of meals from partners, local restaurants, and hotels. As of September 13, 2023, they have served or coordinated the distribution of over 500,000 meals. Beyond nourishing bodies, they provide emotional and spiritual care to survivors through their “ministry of presence.”

The Salvation Army plays a vital role at FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Centers, conducting “exit interviews” with registered survivors. This invaluable information helps tailor long-term recovery plans. As of September 13, 2023, thet’ve met with 827 households, with more to come. Their flexibility allows them to adapt strategies based on the changing needs of survivors, all with the aim of bringing healing, hope, and restoration.

To support the Salvation Army’s ongoing efforts to aid Maui Wildfire survivors, you can make a difference by visiting and making a financial contribution. Your support helps survivors in their recovery and aids local businesses as they purchase supplies locally. 

For a quick donation, simply text “HAWAIIFIRE” to 51555. 

100% of Maui disaster donations directly support our Maui Wildfire relief and recovery operations.

For more on all that Pearlridge Center has to offer, visit