The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is housed in two bullet hole-scarred hangars that survived the attack on December 7, 1941. Guests can explore the entire grounds, get up close and personal with the aircraft and artifacts that defined the attack, and observe a piece of living history – the bulkhead of the USS Arizona, proudly on display next to an aircraft like the one that sunk her.  Elissa Lines, the Executive Director of the Museum, detailed new additions coming soon and how we can commemorate the the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“We’re excited to launch Liberty Luau at Pearl Harbor, a way to experience the magic of a Hawaiian luau with the history of 1940s Pearl Harbor. Featuring a fine dining twist on a luau, Libery Luau offers a tour of the World War II battlefield, a dinner show, and a fire knife entertainer to close out the evening. Visit. for more info!  This year, the 80th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor coincides with the museum’s 15th anniversary, so it truly is a special time. We’re celebrating with our For Love of Country gala, a spectacular virtual affair to honor veterans and the values of the Greatest Generation. We’ve partnered with Southwest Airlines to fly WWII veterans to Hawaii from across the mainland for this special ceremony.”
If you want to celebrate, visit to learn more!