The Lunch Fairy is a Healthy and Easy Choice


One of the new vendors that will make it’s first appearance at the annual Food and New Product Show this weekend will be the Lunch Fairy. 

“Four years ago when I first started my business there weren’t many meal prep businesses here on the island. I got a lot of inquiries on my first month and that’s how I saw an opportunity to pursue it full time.” Explained owner Adela Yong.

“My meals are simple but tasty. Since I have clients that I have been feeding for 4 years, I have to keep my meals interesting. I have a new menu every week and I always have 5 items on that menu. I give them a chance to design their weekly prep.  I provide them healthier, portioned meals and convenience. Most of my clients are people that are not too restricted on their diets; they just want to have healthier options for lunch or dinner available to them that is time efficient and that’s what I provide.”

For more information on the Lunch Fairy visit the Food and New Product show this weekend or online at

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