The importance of estate planning and how to avoid costly mistakes


When it comes to your family’s future, nothing brings peace of mind like proper estate planning.

An estate plan allows you to make decisions regarding your property and health so that someone else doesn’t have to make those decisions for you. A proper estate plan will save you and your family time, money, and avoid endless headaches.

One of the main goals in any estate plan is to avoid probate, or the court-monitored distribution of your assets. For example, any homeowner in Hawaii needs to form a revocable trust or their property will have to through probate.

The most common mistake people make when creating an estate plan is trying to draft one by themselves. This typically leads to very costly mistakes, and is why hiring a professional to help you establish a proper estate plan is important.

What makes Estate Planning of Honolulu different from other estate planners is attorney Michael J. Madison’s commitment to know families and establish a relationship so he can draft a plan that foresees any potential problems.

Drafting an estate plan can cause tension among family members involved, so he tries to find creative ways to deal with the individual’s family dynamics.

If people are interested in establishing an estate plan, contact Madison at (808) 594-9917 or email to set up a free initial consultation.

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