Hawaiʻi’s tropical climate is both a blessing and a challenge, with air conditioning (AC) being a household necessity for many of us. However, the heavy reliance on AC units in the Aloha State comes at a cost. To ensure comfort, save on energy bills, and contribute to a greener Hawai‘i, AC maintenance and energy efficiency are paramount. That is why Hawaiʻi Energy is helping residents achieve these goals through their rebate program. Tani Loo, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator with Hawaiʻi Energy, and Sherman Louie, President of Air Masters, Inc., joined us with the details.

Tani shared, “In Hawai‘i, as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to cooling. AC maintenance ensures that your system produces the right amount of cool air while using the least amount of energy. If your AC isn’t in tip-top shape, it can cause higher energy bills and earlier-than-expected system replacement costs. We have a lot of great rebates that can help with keeping your energy usage down if you have to use your AC. If you have a split or central AC, you can get a $75 instant rebate when you schedule a maintenance tune-up with a Clean Energy Ally contractor.”

Sherman shared that maintaining your AC system is crucial for several reasons, two of the main ones being energy efficiency and prolonged lifespan. Well-maintained AC units use less energy to produce the desired cooling effect, resulting in lower energy bills. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your AC system, reducing the need for costly replacements.

Consider upgrading older AC units, as they consume twice as much energy as newer, energy-efficient models. Hawai‘i Energy plays a key role in promoting energy efficiency and provides over $1,000 in home cooling rebates for these types of upgrades. Residents can even earn a $75 instant rebate by scheduling a maintenance tune-up with a Clean Energy Ally contractor for split or central AC systems.

Those interested in energy rebates and AC efficiency tips can visit Hawai‘i Energy’s website at HawaiiEnergy.com