The Honolulu Museum of Art has a new Japanese Design exhibition. On view now till October 9th 2022, this exhibition explores the profound influence that Japanese design has had on international aesthetics, with nearly a dozen works from HoMA’s permanent collection spanning more than two centuries of Japanese design history.

The Rinpa-style design resonates with tradition and continues to influence Japanese art and design today.

“Rinpa-style design is characterized by compositional features such as asymmetry, innovative color combinations, contrasting patterns and semi-abstraction,” explained Shawn Eichman, Curator of Asian Art. “Rinpa artists built upon historical foundations to introduce a new sense of aesthetics that infused artistry into all aspects of life, such as poetry, drinking tea, and garden design.”

This is a special exhibition made of up works from the museum’s permanent collection. From the museum’s founding in 1927, Asian art has been a focal point of the collection.

“We have galleries dedicated to Japan, China, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Philippines,” said Eichman. “The collection is especially strong in Chinese and Japanese paintings, Korean ceramics, Buddhist and Shinto sculpture, South and Southeast Asian sculpture and decorative arts, and textiles from across Asia.”

Another upcoming exhibition happening in August is called Reveries and will showcase the artwork of contemporary Chinese painter Hung Liu.

“We also have a couple of new ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints, shows rotating through our dedicated woodblock print gallery this summer,” shared Catherine Whitney, Director of Curatorial Affairs. “And beyond Asian art, we’re really excited about an exhibition called Honolulu Cityscapes: 1850 opening, with artwork offering a glimpse of what Honolulu was like during that time period. And stay tuned for news on some major fall exhibitions that we’ll be sharing soon – lots of exciting things planned for the coming months.”

Visit HoMA’s website at for details about upcoming exhibitions and events.