Mina’s Fish House at the Four Seasons Oahu at Koolina offers the first fish sommeliers.

When Chef Michael Mina opened Mina’s Fish House, it was his dream to open a traditional fish house on the beach, one of the candidates he interviewed, Jared Chang,  grew up fishing the leeward coast.

Jared’s passion for fishing is infectious and the idea of this utterly unique role to connect guests to the bounty of fresh fish caught in Hawaiian waters was conceived and the role of fish sommelier was born.

One of the jobs of the fish sommeliers is to carry around the catch of the day and educate guests of the restaurant on the fish they are eating.  According to current Fish Soms Ryan Houser and Saui Matagiese, the guests love it.

“They love it and generally everyone takes something different from it. Ordering fish can be intimidating. Pairing fish is like pairing wine. We in fact suggest wine pairing to attend different fish and varied preparations but we also provide background on the texture and flavor profile of the fish, where it’s caught, at what depth. Some guests don’t know a lot about fish and it’s gratifying to talk story and watch them enjoy an experience of fish they have never had before.”

Great food is not all that’s served at Mina’s Fish House.  Everyone loves a good happy hour and that too is available with some very unique drinks.  

For more information visit www.fourseasons.om/oahu/diningexperiences/minasfishhouse

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Daily
5:00 PM – 10:00 PM Daily
For Reservations, visit Open Table or call 679-0079.