The first in Hawaii “Hydroworx“ machine will get you healed faster


Moon Physical Therapy is the best place to go in Hawaii to get healthy and on your feet after an injury, sickness or surgery. They have the most qualified workers, with years of experience, and also the best technology. Like the brand new, Hydroworx 300, which is an underwater enclosed treadmill system which fills with warm water in less than 3 mins for rehabilitation, exercise training and sports performance. Speeds range from 0.1 – 10 miles per hour. We are the first and only facility in the state with the 300.

Easy access for those who have difficulty transferring into a pool. Promotes early range of motion (particularly following surgery), aids in gait training b/c it mimics walking on land without impact on joints, increases flexibility, muscle strength, burns more calories, increases cardiovascular fitness and reduces blood pressure. We are able to adjust the depth of the water quickly increasing depth to relieve pain or decreasing level to challenge or progress patients from water to land.

Rehabbing post-surgical patients allows for a quicker recovery. USU (Aggies) rehab their athletes in the hydroworx pools b/c they are able to run 6 weeks on the TM in the water before they are able to run on land. Elderly patients are able to practice gait training without the fear of falling and the TM allows them to mimic a typical land stride that you cannot achieve with just walking in water.

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