Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving, and the Ferguson Clinic is using new technology to tighten skin. During the pandemic we saw a significant upsurge in facial rejuvenation surgery, as people were spending more time in video conferencing and were able to spend some downtime due to working at home.  Now with more in person interaction, that downtime is not available, but the desire for rejuvenation is still there.  The Ferguson Clinic fights aging with the newest technology, EMFace.

EMFace is a device that combines two-well studied modalities that provide noninvasive facial rejuvenation.  Deep dermal heating from radiofrequency energy is a treatment that causes a cascade of events that leads to reorganization of the existing and creation of new collagen of the skin providing skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.  This is combined with HIFEM, high intensity electromagnetic energy that causes contraction of selective muscles in the face leading to long-term elevation.

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