The Blue Zones Project teaches keiki to make healthy choices


The Blue Zones Project is a health and well-being initiative brought to Hawaii by HMSA.

The program helps worksites, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and community groups to make the healthy choice.

It encourages people to find more opportunities to move naturally, building stronger connections, incorporate more plant-based dishes into their diet, and live with purpose. 

In schools, they work to create healthier environments by looking into what food and beverages the students have access to through the cafeteria, snack bars, and vending machines, increasing the amount of class time spent outdoors and increasing the amount of time for students can be physically active, and promoting school gardens to inspire families to incorporate more local produce into their diets. 

The Keiki Rainbow Run is a Blue Zones sponsored healthy fun run set for Saturday, March 16th at the University of Hawaii’s Clarence T.C. Ching Field.

It is a massive joint effort between many different partners that want to support our keiki and encourage healthier living.

Specifically, they want this generation to be active, to eat nutritious foods, and to hydrate with water over sugary beverages.

Students across the island are joining their school’s teams because this is also a fundraiser, and this year, we’re giving 100% of early bird registration fees directly back to each student’s school to support P.E. and nutrition programs.


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