Whether you are hungry for a BIG sub, or a HOT sub, Subway® restaurants has the perfect sub for you, the Big Hot Pastrami. Ted Davenport, local Subway owner joins Living808 to give us a taste of one of the islands’ most popular subs at Subway restaurants in Hawaii.

The Big Hot Pastrami is made with tender, juicy, pepper-crusted beef served on your choice of freshly baked bread. This iconic sandwich is loaded with protein, 4 ounces in every 6” and it is available at all SUBWAY® locations across the Hawaiian Islands. You can order it as a footlong, Fresh Melt, or Protein Bowl with your choice of veggies, and their Sandwich Artists will take care of the rest.

Don’t forget to choose Subway® catering this holiday season! Subway® has every cater-worthy occasion covered with a legendary lineup of subs, wraps, drinks, desserts and more.

Visit Subway.com to find a location near you and get your own, Big Hot Pastrami today!