The Barrier Method was Danielle Travis’ idea as a Maui born athlete who frequently traveled overseas to compete, she was literally sick of arriving too sick to play at peak performance after spending hours on a plane with strangers and their germs.

“We’ve all been there; You’re excited for your trip, you’re well rested and healthy, only to get seated next to an inevitable coughing-and-sneezing passenger for a long flight.

Not only that, but for hours on end you’re breathing in dry recycled air that does your nasal passages no favors.

This all-too-common predicament led to a brainstorming session with a friend in the medical field.”
The goal was to create a fashion-forward alternative to the disposable medical masks often worn by international travelers.

Out of this, the Winged Mask scarf was born..  The mask has two parts to it, the Outer and Inner Layer. Party on the outside, business on the inside.

The inner mask is attached to the outer scarf so you can look cool to everyone around you and of course so you feel confident.

The bottom part is not attached for maximum fit-ability and breathability.  A comfortable lightweight design with patterned fabric.
“My goal every season is to collaborate with local artists and give them support and it’s a really good way to get their art on something super unique, and we can help promote each other. So I’ve chosen to work with Angelina Hills, an artist and photographer of her own business on Maui. I wanted to stay with the island theme, and who doesn’t love Monstera and Hibiscus? I have used our super lightweight fabric for this season. Still has all of it’s amazing properties like UPF Sun protection, wicking, and of course it’s anti-bacterial to inhibit odor causing bacteria. We have re-designed the inner mask for a better fit, and the feedback has been great so far. Also for all of our new colors, we’ve incorporated a couple different stitching colors just to have more options. I mentioned the last time I was on the show, that my plans for the future were to offer Nose Goop and Hand Sanitizer for even MORE germ protection. And I did just that. We have an all organic salve to lay on in and around your nose when you have to pull your mask down to eat and drink while in flight, then Hand Sanitizer to spray on constantly. More products to come especially more for outdoor use like around the yard.”

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