The Barrier Method


A Maui woman has just the thing to protect you during flights or from sick co-workers.

It’s called The Barrier Method and it’s a fashionable take on a travel mask that was created by Danielle Travis.

The Barrier Method product line aims to quite literally create a barrier between you and the nasty bacteria and viruses that can be found in the air, and on nearly every surface.

Travis came up with the idea for her Winged Mask scarf after getting sick so many times during international travels from her days as an athlete. 

Tired of spending hours on a plane with strangers and their germs, she developed a fashion-forward alternative to the disposable medical masks often worn by international travelers.

The patent-pending design consists of two pieces: an inner face liner which is attached to the outer scarf piece, which can stylishly be worn around your neck as you make your way to and through the

The product is also now also offered in a Neckie style in addition to the original scarf style.


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